Yorkshire Wolds Report & Results

Yorkshire Wolds Report & Results

Control map is here

Planners Report

I thoroughly enjoyed my time planning this event especially the opportunity to explore some magnificent dry chalk valleys. My first and foremost thought was to utilise the best of the terrain. With the new event centre of Bishop Wilton the area naturally divided into two areas and I tried to balance both the number of controls and points on offer in both.
As a planner I like to see people scrutinising their maps at the start providing decision making from the off. A brief look at the results showed that there was a good balance between the northern and southern routes with the leading competitors departing both north and south from the start. All the controls were visited and there was good variance in the routes chosen. Feedback at the finish seemed to indicate that the courses were well received whilst providing a physical challenge with the ups and downs.
We were exceptionally fortunate on the run up to and for the event itself of a dry spell of weather. I don’t think I have ever seen the bridleways so rideable.
Husband Richard has been a stalwart in his support throughout the planning process and in the run up to and during the event. Dave Evans kindly helped get the some of the controls out on the Friday which certainly helped shorten our day considerably. The control collectors of Ray Morris, Dave Evans, Andrew Windrum and Graham Tibbot ensured we got home at a reasonable time after our long day. This has all helped to make planning the event one of the most enjoyable I have been involved with.
Jens provided another excellent map and I couldn’t finish without thanking all those who give time and effort to making this a successful event.

Karen Clark

Organiser’s Report

Thanks to Karen & Richard Clark for an excellent course, Frank & Sandra, Geoff, Karen & John and the 4 control collectors, Dave, Andrew, Graham & Ray who made everything run smoothly yet again and Jens for another excellent map. Congratulations to Edwin Oliver-Evans on a brilliant ride who passed me on numerous occasions while he visited all but one of the controls – unbelievable. We will all score more NYMBO points next month once he’s gone back to university. Congratulations to the other leading riders, Men – Andy Conn M50-499, Andrew Windrum M40-474, Dennis Jaques M60-355, Ray Morriss (on his birthday) M70-354, Ben & Steve Collins Gen-295. Ladies – Sue Booth W50-316, Sheila Pearce W40-305, Karen Blackburn W70-260. Mixed – Andy & Corinne Parsons T50-285, Andrea & Steve Foster X50-274.
I thoroughly enjoyed my ride especially going down the amazing dry chalk valleys (despite knowing about the climb out of each one). Some of the views were spectacular and reminded me why I love our sport so much. Despite that, I will be stepping down after our last event in October so don’t forget that if you want the NYMBO League to continue someone or a few of you are going to have to step forward. Jens has also told me that the Nidderdale map will be his last after 15 years so if you have any cartography skills please let me know.
However, I will be at the next event in a fortnight so I’m looking forward to seeing to at Brandsby village hall and riding on Jeff Harris’ course in the Howardian Hills. I hope they are as dry as the Wolds were yesterday.


1 thought on “Yorkshire Wolds Report & Results

  1. 1daverobertson

    Great course from Karen – quite challenging! (see my position as evidence). Really good to venture into some of the Wolds where I’d not been before, really is an unspolit and beautiful area,. The stretch of Centenary Way through Raisthorpe Manor was great fun (downhill!) as were Thixendale and the stretch between Fridaythorpe and Huggate.


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