Moors Marathon Information & Map

Moors Marathon – Sunday 16th July –  Information & Map

Where to now?

A quick reminder of the details for next Sunday and the routes available. PDF here

VENUE GR 846 882 Parking and camping at The Fox & Rabbit Inn, Lockton YO18 7NQ
5 miles north of Pickering on the A169 towards Whitby

2017 PDF of all 4 courses

COURSE A 100km in 10 hours

Fox & Rabbit – Staindale –Jingleby – Crosscliff – Newgate Foot – Saltergate Bank – Malo Cross – Louven Howe – Breckon Howe –Grosmont – Egton Bridge – Delves – Glaisdale – Rosedale Head – Blakey Rigg – Bloworth Crossing – Lowna – Hutton le Hole – Cawthorne – Farwath Crossing – Fox & Rabbit

COURSE B 75km in 8 hours

The same to Glaisdale then Shunner Howe – Hamer Bridge – Low Muffles – Spiers House – Sutherland Lodge –Cawthorne – Farwath Crossing – Fox & Rabbit

2017 PDF of Courses C and D

COURSE C 50km in 6 hours

The same to Breckon Howe then Goathland – Simon Howe – Wardle Rigg – Levisham Station – Levisham Village and Church – Farwath – Fox & Rabbit

COURSE D 25km in 4 hours

The same to Saltergate Bank then Levisham Moor, Village and Church – Farwath – Fox & Rabbit

TERRAIN Some of the best bridleways and moorland scenery in England

MAP Full colour route map at 1-60000 and description provided but the Explorer OL27 (&26) 1-25000 maps might be useful

REGISTER 8.00 – 9.00 STARTS 8.30 – 9.30


Enter online and save £1


  • This is a challenge not a race so no prizes for the fastest times.
  • All finishers within the time limits will receive a commemorative mug and certificate
  • All riders should carry repair kit, spare tubes, suitable clothing & helmet, food & drink, 50p for the phone
  • Refreshments available at 4 checkpoints – Saltergate Bank, Breckon Howe, Bloworth Crossing, Ravenswick,
  • Please show courtesy to local residents and visitors.
  • All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Scarborough & Ryedale Search & Rescue Team
  • Commemorative mugs guaranteed for the first 100 riders. You can ride as solo, pairs, or groups.
  • Camping available at the Fox & Rabbit on Saturday for £5. (Only 5 caravans allowed on the CL site)


All course information and maps online here

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