Malham Show MBO Organiser’s comments

Malham Show MBO Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Tim Evans & Simon Coiley for planning an excellent course in this beautiful part of the Yorkshire Dales. It was a bit foggy when I arrived but fortunately the sun came out and the tracks were dry so everyone seemed to enjoy their ride. Unfortunately, #16 wasn’t quite in the right place so if you couldn’t find it or wasted time looking for it please let me know so that I can adjust your score. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride and went west because I went east last year and I wanted to ride the Gorbeck byway with the wind at my back. Thanks as ever to Jens for another excellent map; Simon & Tim for putting out all of the controls; Geoff Moorhouse & John Dixon for their help on the day as well as the control collectors.

Congratulations to Graham Tibbott for an excellent score of 417; Sheila Pearce riding again and outscoring the other ladies with 260 points and the Brand-Barkers winning the mixed again with 245 points.

I have planned the OMM Bike & Lite event at Hawes on September 9th & 10th. As usual there is a Long (7&5 hours), Medium (5&4 hours) & Short (3&3 hours) course each day and they all count in the NYMBO League. You can only enter the Long & Medium courses via the OMM web site and you can only enter the 3 hour courses on the BMBO web site. Camping is available all weekend so why not enter and enjoy some cracking trails in the beautiful northern Yorkshire Dales. If you don’t want to compete you can always help put out and collect controls!!

Don’t forget that I will be retiring as an organiser at the end of the season so the Nidderdale event will be my last. I would still like to hear from someone who is interested in taking on the coordinators’s role and riders who would like to plan and organise an event. I will still plan an event every year and ride whenever we’re not on holiday, seeing the family or playing golf!! 3 riders have already offered to organise events this winter and 5 next summer but we need someone to take over ……please!!

Hope to see you next month.


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