Slingsby Report & Results

Thanks to all those who turned out to ride the first of this Seasons Winter MBO events and thanks for the positive comments at the end.

37 riders set out from the Grapes Inn on a dry and bright morning (entirely different weather conditions than we had on the February morning when this event was originally scheduled for!)
Fortunately I was able to use the same course map that was planned and printed back in January – belated thanks to Jens for creating another excellent map.

Congratulations to Andy Conn for taking overall honours with a score of 420 closely challenged by Duncan Archer 410 and John Rawden 408. Pippa Archer took top spot in the Ladies category with 365, Geoff Moorhouse & Andrea Foster won Mixed with 312 and Steve & Ben Collins won Generation with 336.

Slingsby Results

A quick scan through the Answer sheets suggests that the majority of riders cleared the North side of the map first and then picked off points South of Slingsby as time allowed. Very few ventured as far South as Terrington but I wanted to include this road section on the map in case the weather was really wet and riders wanted to avoid the offroad sections, As it was most of the tracks were in good condition and very rideable.

Final note: thanks to Steve, who although officially retired as Organiser, steered me through my first event as Planner.

Next event is at Thornton Watlass on the 9th December.

Cheers, Brendon

2 thoughts on “Slingsby Report & Results

  1. David Collins

    All – thanks for a really enjoyable event. It was great to see the area in sunshine. Thanks to Brendon for Planning and for updating my score – I never could add up! See you all next month.


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