Tadcaster results

Here are the results for today’s event at Tadcaster. (Corrected 28-Jan-18)

13/01/18 Tadcaster MBO POINTS PEN SCORE
M50 Tim Evans 425 1 424
G Adrian Parker/ Luke Parker 415 0 415
M40 Mark Chryssanthou 420 5 415
M60 John Rawdon 415 7 408
M50 Paul Dobson 405 35 370
M50 Martin Vesty 365 0 365
M21 Chris Dodd 365 5 360
M60 Peter Jones 390 40 350
X50 Andy & Corinne Parsons 315 0 315
M50 Steve Foster 310 0 310
M40 Sam Hollis 305 5 300
X60 Andrea Foster/ Geoffery Moorhouse 300 0 300
M60 Simon Coiley 295 2 293
M70 David Day 275 4 271
M50 Simon McPherson 265 13 252
M60 Will Patterson 255 5 250
W40 Jo Anderson/ Jemima Parker 255 7 248
W70 Karen Blackburn 250 3 247
M21 Mark Lunham 245 3 242
M50 Ben Robinson/John Roelich 240 2 238
W60 Karen Clark 210 8 202
W60 Ruth Jones 195 0 195
W60 Susan Birtwistle 200 4 196
M60 Chris Wright 185 0 185
M50 Michael Brough 175 4 171
M50 Peter Smith 155 0 155
M70 Richard Clark 160 7 153
G Paula Child/ Thomas Gill 150 3 147
M60 Steve Willis 205 90 115
X40 Sarah Dent/ Paul Spencer DNF

3 thoughts on “Tadcaster results

  1. stevewillis3

    Planners report
    I would like to thank everyone who turned up to ride the event, I seemed as though everyone had a good time, even Steve Willis who got 2 punctures and came back so late he lost a lot of his hard earned points.
    I really enjoyed planning the event as I grew up in Tadcaster and used to ride a loop round Catterton, Healaugh and back down the old coach road when I began riding mtb all those years ago. This time I wanted to use the network of minor roads to the East of Tad as I hoped it would give plenty of route choice to get you all thinking, I rode the area a few days before Christmas and the tracks were in good condition but unfortunately hedges had been cut and there were quite a few punctures on the day, I was also told by locals that the coach road that I told everyone was ok was muddier than ever before. At least the weather was a lot kinder than two years ago although it is definitely warmer riding than sitting outside a pub at this time of year!
    I hope all of you who had food were refuelled adequately, it was nice to go back to the Coach and Horses which is under new management following the flooding which devastated it in the weeks after the last event leaving it closed for many months, the flood water was almost as deep as the bar I believe.
    It was good to see that Tim Evans made good use of the fact that I did all the map work for him meaning that he could ride the event competitively and with a good score of 425 meant that the map was just right so even the fast boys (and girls) still had to decide which controls to bag and which to leave.


  2. stevewillis3

    Thanks to Rik for an excellent course. I actually had 5 punctures and only one spare tube!!
    Result amendment – Susan Birtwistle was only 4 minutes late so scored 196 points

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