Cleveland Hills – results, comments, map & league!

An all in one update: the event results are here; the league after 3 events is here and the planners comments and control map are below:

Cleveland Hills Planners Comments – Jill and Conrad Ellison

A big thank you for everyone who supported us yesterday – Steve W, John D and the gallant tribe of control collectors – Richard and James M, Christine and Ralph D, Ray M, John R, Simon C, Carl V and Neil R. And to Tim E for putting the map together.

The tracks were bone dry and the early rain on Saturday morning only served to dampen down the dust.  The tracks were the driest Jill and I have seen for 20 years.  The track through Easby to the west of Captain Cooks, normally a swamp, was totally dry.

Thank you for all of your positive comments.  Plenty of smiles at the finish or was it grimacing after the Little Kildale/Baysdale loop ?

Well done to the category winners – particularly to Dave L, first timer to NYMBO, on a great score and 4100ft of climb (proper hills !) and to Angela B-B for a storming score.

Thankfully we were all done and dusted and controls collected before the heavens opened.

See you all at Ingleton, hopefully (for pre- and post- cake and tea).

Jill and Conrad Ellison



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