Ryedale and Duncombe Park – results and report


Results are here

This year’s NYMBO event in association with Eborienteers’ White Rose event was again in the
Helmsley area; the course covered a similar area to last year’s event at the White Rose with a slight shift to the South to include the area south of the River Rye. This year we were fortunate to have the event centre in t1he grounds of Duncombe Park, giving plenty of scope for route choice from the Start and back to the Finish, but unfortunately it meant an uphill finish which ever direction you came from.
Judging by comments at the finish everyone enjoyed the event, I heard one rider had a issue with one of the farmers, I went into the estate office on Tues they apologised and said all of the tenants were informed about our event; regarding #49 that went missing this was on FC land so I’ll let them know as about it, anyone that visited the control will have been credited with the points if you told Dave at download.
Thanks to Tim for producing the map and drawing on all the tracks in the forests and on the
Duncombe Park Estate land, I didn’t ask Tim to highlight the B/W in the SE corners of the map as I thought they were clear enough?
Hope you all enjoyed the event, thanks to Dave & Steve for manning Registration and Download,
And thanks to you all turning up and making the event worthwhile.

Thanks to Jeff Harris for an excellent course enjoyed by 61 riders in another beautiful part of North Yorkshire. It was very disappointing to hear that #49 had gone missing but hopefully it didn’t spoil your ride and I have given everyone the points. Please let me know if there are any mistakes in the results. Apologies to Michael Connor who was forced to turn round by a gamekeeper at #36. This shouldn’t have happened so he has been credited with the time he lost and I hope no-one else had the same problem. The landowner had given permission to use this track so I will let him know.

Our next event is in Swaledale on SUNDAY 23rd September. Hope to see you there.

Steve Willis

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8 thoughts on “Ryedale and Duncombe Park – results and report

  1. Neil Reed

    Just noticed that CP 57 was only crediting 20 points rather than 30 could someone check this out please.
    Really enjoyed the ride despite an issue with timing !!

    1. stevewillis3

      Hi Neil
      Sorry but I hadn’t noticed until I read your comment. I’ll have to revise the programme on the NYMBO computer then send out an updated set of results. Thanks, Steve

      1. Graham Tibbot

        Also 47 is giving people thirty points (which i think is what it was doing at the Ingleton event) . Most people who visited one of these visited both so scores will be unchanged, but i think there are a few who visited 57 and not 47.

  2. Tim Evans

    Steve, I think it is an error in the set up for the base NYMBO event as it has happened at a few events this year. It was still a superb event even if I did have to finish with the climb up from Helmsley but looking forward to my extra 10 points.

  3. stevewillis3

    We have just received an apology from the Forestry Commission about Control 49. We know what happened. Our work supervisor for this area was handed this control, it was taken down by a neighbour who hadn’t been informed of the event. She didn’t want to be named and she has been told not to do this and that it affected your event! So we have the control in the office.

    My only comment is that the control was on a public bridleway junction and my telephone number was on the board!
    I’m working on the results now!!

  4. stevewillis3

    Finally, I have adjusted the points for controls 47 and 57 which were the wrong way round. Most riders including Graham Tibbot went to both controls so their scores stay the same but Tim Evans and Al Powell only went to #57 so 10 points have been added to their scores for the BMBO and NYMBO leagues. Anyone else, please let me know.


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