Swaledale Report and updated results

Swaledale MBO Organiser’s Comments

Updated results here. Thanks to everyone who made the event possible:

  • the gamekeepers who raised no objections to an event in the shooting season and allowed us to use many private tracks where the public bridleways don’t exist
  •  Stuart & Brenda Price for an excellent event centre and Claire Brown for the parking field
  •  John Rawden, Mike Barnard and Dave Barker for helping put out controls on Saturday
  • Tim Evans for another excellent map and for looking after the Start
  • John Dixon for looking after Download
  • Ray Morriss, Mike Barnard, Simon Coiley, Graham Tibbot, Michael Connor, Al & Jake Powell and Stuart Price for collecting the controls after you had headed home – and it was a stunning evening!
  • the Met Office for getting the forecast so wrong

I thoroughly enjoyed planning the course and checking all of the bridleways in June. I reduced the size of the map so I was really pleased that Graham didn’t quite clear the controls. I tried to choose the better bridleways and leave out the indistinct and soft ones. It’s a great area and the weather on Sunday was perfect so everyone seemed to enjoy their rides.

#55 caused problems for a few riders. It was in exactly the right place as shown on the map and on the description sheet but it was 50m west of a very indistinct junction so please let me know if you couldn’t find it and I’ll give you the points!

Congratulations to Graham Tibbott for another excellent score of  503 only leaving out 2 controls; Jill Ellison outscoring the other ladies with 225 points and the Defty’s winning the mixed with 220 points. Plus a special mention to Autumn Grey (aged 6) who was out for over 3 hours and scored 55 points on the excellent Swale Trail.  You can follow all of their routes using the splits file and course map on the NYMBO site.

The final NYMBO league event of the season is at Stage One Cycles in Hawes, Wensleydale on Sunday 14th October with starts between 11.00 and 12.00. Please stay for the presentation afterwards to applaud the winners. Online entry here

Winter Events

There will be a series of winter events. I will plan one near Richmond in December, Tim Evans will plan one near Harrogate in February so please let me know if you would like to plan one in your area in November, January and March.

2019 League

Tim Evans has offered to so-ordinate the NYMBO 2019 League but will need volunteers to plan the events so please let him know if you are willing.

Hope to see you next month


2 thoughts on “Swaledale Report and updated results

  1. Graham Tibbot

    Thanks Steve, despite knowing the area well i still rode some trails i’ve never been on before. I tried to make sure that my route would involve doing the Hurst loop clockwise so that the climbing would be rideable and i wouldn’t need any big out-and-backs.

    I can see why people found 55 tricky, specially when i went to collect it in from the opposite direction. Because the gate sits in a little hollow you need to be very nearby to see the tape. You can see on Strava where a rider came within 10 yards of it but didn’t see it!

  2. alanbill99

    He-he – yeah just looked through Strava and I’m not at all surprised to see it was me who spent 10 mins wading through heather round 55! Thoroughly enjoyed the event and you had a great ride Graham well done. I don’t know the area overly well but I did know that I wanted to come down from Fremington edge and not up that way due to it steepness. With hindsight I picked the wrong route around the 30 pointer north of High Carl (on the stream nr mining buildings). The descent from there to the road was indistinct / full of gates / hard to get any speed on so well done on a better choice! Hoping to make Wensleydale too but I fear other things may get in the way. https://labs.strava.com/flyby/viewer/#1860854541?c=gcwt6y94&z=D&t=1RfsKK&a=DWPqbqKw7m4&s=6C


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