Wensleydale Event Report

Wensleydale MBO Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Mike Allenby at Stage1Cycles for an excellent event centre and for planning the course then providing everyone with discount vouchers; Tim Evans for another excellent map; and Geoff Moorhouse for looking after Registration and Download despite being unable to ride and all of the control collectors.

Saturday was one of the wettest days I have ever spent on my bike in the hills when I put out 10 controls around Addlebrough for Mike – winter jacket and tights with full waterproofs and my hood up underneath my helmet. Every track was a stream and the wind was howling so I’m just glad it wasn’t cold. We decided to close 4 fords and not use #52 to avoid the risk of anyone drowning. Fortunately, the Met Office got the forecast wrong again so it stopped raining and the wind dropped so the tracks had dried out overnight and the streams were following their normal course.

14 October 2018 Course Map

14 October 2018 Course Map

Congratulations to Graham Tibbott for yet another excellent score of 443; Mark Chryssanthou M40 390; Mark Rowley M50 393; John Rawden M60 300; Al & Jake Powell Gen 270; Jemima Parker outscoring the other ladies with 235 points and Dean & Molly Ralpheson winning the mixed at their first attempt with 253 points. You can follow all of their routes using the splits file and course map on the NYMBO site.

Prizes donated by Yorkshire Dales Brewery were presented to the winners of each category and the other leading riders will be receiving their NYMBO tee shirts as soon as they arrive.

M21 1st Graham Tibbott 400.0      
M40 1st David Lawrence 333.8 W40 1st Sheila Pearce 297.6
  2nd Mark Chryssanthou 319.2      
  3rd Al Powell 309.1      
  4th Brendon Smurthwaite 307.0      
M50 1st Mark Rowley 379.7 W50 1st Jill Ellison 254.3
  2nd Conrad Ellison 357.5   2nd Angela Brand-Barker 222.0
  3rd Simon Coiley 339.4      
  4th Tim Evans 334.2      
M60 1st John Rawden 328.4 X50 1st Andrea & Steve Foster 265.1
  2nd Dennis Jaques 290.7   2nd Christine & Ralph Defty 243.1
  3rd Steve Willis 287.3      
  4th John Dixon 277.4      
M70 1st Ray Morris 299.8 W70 1st Karen Blackburn 205.2
  2nd David Day 264.4      

There will be a series of winter events but we need a planner for an event near York in March. Details as soon as the dates have been approved by BMBO

Tim Evans has offered to co-ordinate the NYMBO 2019 League but he will need volunteers to plan the events so please let him know if you are willing.

Hope to see you next month near Richmond.


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