Ripon Results & Comments

South Lodge, Ripon comments

Results are here: 20181215-South Lodge

Well done all those who turned out on a very chilly morning. A few hours later & it was chucking it down with rain too!

I did not see the final map that the later starters got – apologies for not spotting that some of the control numbers were ambiguous so that some of you wrote down the answer for a different control. To be fair to everyone I have disallowed all wrong answers. Early starters received a map from a previous event which did not have that problem. We are still learning the foibles of Purple Pen so this will not happen again with me hopefully.

Well done to the high scoring vet men, Martin Vesty would have got them all but could not find his way through the Econ housing estate plus he got #8 & #20 mixed up; he nearly let in Tim Evans who again had a full answer sheet but like Morecambe & Wise not necessarily in the right order.

Jenny Sutton was the lady winner & some good performances by the Generation teams with Steve & Ben Collins dominating a high scoring class.

Thanks to the South Lodge for hosting the event although I’m sure the young lady who opened up thought we were all quite mad. I had used a previous bike O map from 2014 which was planned to avoid muddy bridleways, the week had been dry so that made the going even faster.

David Day


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