Heslington Event results **updated**

Thanks to over thirty riders who cam to the Heslington event today and enjoyed riding the mostly quiet lanes and bridleways south of York.

I’ve now checked the scores and made a few adjustments – thanks to those who sent feedback. The results are here Heslington_results_V20190402. I don’t have a card for Paul & Joshua Foster – if you want your result added please send across. Congratulations to the top scorers!

Most people reported enjoying their ride, although three riders suffered punctures which had a big impact on their score, hopefully they still all enjoyed their ride before that happened!

Despite looking carefully at previous and recent courses, the course area was probably a bit too big. There were also a couple of errors, with controls 8 and 25 being on the wrong path junction. This was due to me finding a better question but not changing the corresponding location of the control! Control 10 being aligned to a stream rather than the farmtrack. The question for control 4 was also slightly wrong. I gave points to everyone who reported that. Control 26 proved navigationally challenging – which is why it was the 30 pointer close to home. I’ve been strict about the correct answer for this control, as plenty of people got the right answer but quite a few had the wrong sign entirely!

The other issue was that the map at 1:25k scale enhanced detail that the 1:50k doesn’t, and this caused some issues, especially the “non-track” southwest of control 7.

The updated control map that fixes those issues is attached for completeness!


It was great weather, and lots of riders commented about it being a good area to explore. Comments welcome!

1 thought on “Heslington Event results **updated**

  1. Simon Caldwell

    Splendid event, many thanks to all concerned! I thought the event area was about right, I covered around 2/3 of it and I’ a log way from the fastest cyclist around!
    For the record, control 10 was in slightly the wrong place – the actual location is next to the “13” spot height just to the SE.


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