Boltby Planners Report

Thanks to Conrad and Jill for planning Saturday’s event, their report is below, and the league table is now updated after the first four events. Photo credit to Brendon (I’ve nicked his Strava photo of the view from Control 27). Event results and map are on yesterday’s post.

Planners update:

This year Jill and I took a break from the Cleveland Hills to revisit the area where we cut our teeth planning in 2005.  We’d like to thank Ginni at High Paradise Farm for letting us stage the event there.  With all the animals running around and the weather we got it could’ve been a scene from the Durrells.

We got a fantastic day on Friday for putting the controls out allowing us to take in the amazing views from the top of the Black Hambletons.  The tracks were also remarkably dry given the rain we’ve had over recent weeks.

Thank you very much to Steve for training Jill up in the set-up/ download at Ingleton and to Tony BB and Sheila for providing much needed support for her first solo flight.

With the great weather we were faced with a big ‘entry on the day‘ contingent which proved challenging with the number of maps available.  A huge thanks to Neil R and Brendan who marked up spare base maps with controls before starting.

Thank you also to the control collectors – Simon C, Tim, John R, Ray M and Andy C.

As for the event itself – #24 proved difficult to find for many of you and there wasn’t a simple way to do Silton.  In planning we decided to stick #13 out on a limb for the big guns to have to think about but that didn’t deter Andy C who managed the ‘bag up’ with 3 minutes to spare.  Also, well done to Angela who had a storming ride.

Next event at Bishop Monkton on July 13th!

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