Richmond Saturday October 3rd – Rider Start times

Here are the provisional start times for Richmond on October 3rd. Still a few places left if you’ve not entered yet but the event is nearly at capacity – remember there’s no entry on the day. Enter online here

It’s 2 riders every two minutes, allocated according to your selected Wave and then in entry order. Pairs are shown in bold. It’s the first time we’ve had to do this, so hopefully this works but we will see how it goes and amend if required. Feedback welcome!

If you would like a different time, or the allocation isn’t what you expected, please fill in the form below the table.

**Updated Sunday 20-Sep 18:53 – Event full **

Time Rider 1 Rider 2
09:30 Nuno Cerqueira Christopher Dodd
09:32 Dougie Nisbet Martyn Broadest
09:34 David Hughes ian Nightingale
09:36 Chris Edwards
09:38 louise gossage clare barber
09:40 Kate Mitchell Karen Robinson
09:42 Kevin Francis (Run) Vicky Bailey (run
09:50 David Day Carrick Armer
09:52 Paul Wood Dave Robertson
09:54 Christopher Wright Jeff Harris
09:56 John Lebeter Neil Reed
09:58 Gill Crane Paul Crane
10:00 Conrad Ellison Jill Ellison
10:02 Tim Evans
10:10 Ian Butler Heather Raistrick
10:12 John Burkinshaw John Houlihan
10:14 Al Powell Jake Powell
10:16 Martin Edwards David Collins
10:18 Timothy Bull Kathryn Jones
10:20 Simon Coiley Sue Booth
10:22 Richard Wise Sarah Slade
10:24 John DIxon Stephen Green
10:26 Andy Chapman Gibbs Verity Chapman Gibbs

(form removed)


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