Staveley – November 7th – Start times

Here are the start times for the next event on November 7th, thes eare done by Wave and then on a ‘first come..’ basis. Use the form below if you want to change your time. Blank course map and other event details will follow next week. Pairs shown in bold.

Time Rider 1 Rider 2
09:30 Nuno Cerqueira Simon Granger
09:32 Dougie Nisbet Mark Rowley
09:34 andy conn Claire Sharpe
09:36 John Deighton Ceri Williams
09:38 Chris Edwards Simon Robertson
09:40 ian Nightingale Paul Forrow
09:42 Conrad Ellison Jill Ellison
09:44 Kate Mitchell Karen Robinson
09:46 Martyn Broadest Greg Barton
09:48 Jeffrey Barber Laura Barber
09:50 Dave Robertson Paul Wood
09:52 Gill Crane Paul Crane
09:54 Simon Caldwell Carmen Elphick
09:56 Christopher Wright Carrick Armer
09:58 Tony Thornley David Day
10:00 Jeff Harris simon horlock
10:02 Christopher Dodd
10:10 Andy Chapman Gibbs Verity Chapman Gibbs
10:12 Richard Wise Sarah Slade
10:14 Sue Booth Karen Blackburn
10:16 Peter Pawlik Charlie Adams
10:18 Janet Adams Ray Morriss
10:20 David Collins Simon Coiley
10:22 Timothy Bull Kathryn Jones
10:24 Benjamin Collins Stephen Collins
10:26 Jake Powell Al Powell
10:28 Linda Cairns
10:30 Keith Finnett Philip Ingham

Change your start time or let us know if you can’t come using this form:

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