Hampsthwaite – Results, Map, Lost Property

Lots of positive comments when everyone returned from their ride, despite some very muddy bridleways on some parts of the course!

Lost property: A grey Rohan buff was found in the car park. And when Simon was walking the dogs up the hill out of the village towards Harrogate, one of Steve’s type map boards complete with map! It must have blown off a bike on a car rack!? It has black an white elastic straps. If either of these are your please send an email.

*Updated with Simon’s report (sorry for the delay)*

Amid all the uncertainty after the latest lockdown it was touch & go whether we could, or even should, go ahead with the event once it became clear that the start at the Joiners Arms was out of the question. Luckily the Memorial Hall saved the day making the event possible and compliant with current Covid restrictions, so a big thank you to Mel Marshall from the village.

Planning wise I just wanted to provide plenty of route choice and include some of the more enjoyable and ‘cleaner’ bridleways. However, this became an increasingly difficult task over the preceding weeks of rain! After changing maps several times, sorry Tim! and moving controls even more, I finally settled on what I hoped would provide a good event. ( sorry to anyone who struggled to find the right pole at no.22! ).

Thank you for the many positive comments. It was great just to see you all out and back having hopefully enjoyed your rides.

The scores were very close, none more so than for the top spot. Congratulations go to Steve & Ben Collins who were victorious overall, seniors and in the ‘father and son battle’ by 2 whole points ahead of Tim & Edwyn Evans. Mark Chryssanthou took a fine third overall and well done to David Collins ‘keeping in the family’ with top honours in the ‘winter’ Vets, with an honourable mention to Tony Thornley as 2nd Vet. Gill & Paul Crane again took the mixed honours and Sarah Slade was top woman. A special mention must go to runners Vicky Bailey & Kevin Francis scoring an amazing 175.

Under the present circumstances, on this occasion, I think we can consider ourselves all winners!

Results: please get in touch if any corrections needed (class, points, etc)

Winter Class Name Score Time Pen Total/pos
Senior Men Steve & Ben Collins 390 2.05 5 385
Senior Men Tim & Edwyn Evans 385 2.02 2 383
Senior Men Mark Chryssanthou 365 2.07 9 354
Senior Men Nuno Cerquiera 360 2.13 30 330
Veteran Men David Collins 335 2.12 25 310
Veteran Men Tony Thornley 305 2.10 15 290
Veteran Men Peter Pawlick 295 2.07 9 284
Veteran Men Simon Caldwell 280 2.01 1 279
Senior Men Simon Granger 280 2.08 11 269
Veteran Men Steve Willis 255 1.58 0 255
Senior Men Simon Robertson 255 2.02 2 253
Senior Men Dave Robertson 250 2.04 4 246
Senior Men Mark Stokes 250 2.08 11 239
Mixed Pair Gill & Paul Crane 230 2.06 7 223
Senior Men Ian Nightingale 215 2.02 2 213
Veteran Men Jeff Harris 210 2.04 4 206
Veteran Men Phil Williams 205 2.02 2 203
Veteran Men John Burkinshaw 195 1.55 0 195
Veteran Men David Day 190 1.56 0 190
Veteran Men Chris Wright 185 1.59 0 185
Mixed Pair (Running) Vicky Bailey/Kevin Francis 175 1.59 0 175
Veteran Men Richard Wise 170 1.56 0 170
Women Sarah Slade 160 1.49 0 160
Gen Verity & Andy Chapman Gibbs 170 2.14 35 135
Women Carmen Elphick 120 1.59 0 120
Women Claire Sharpe 105 2.04 4 101
John & Michael Cain Retired

Don’t forget, we have a NYMBO Strava group if you want to share your route!

Click on the map for a copy of the control map:

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