New website address –

After April 8th, the NYMBO website will be move to (it’s currently It should cause minimal disruption, but you may find that local settings on your device (favourites etc) may need updating. A quick search for NYMBO on your favourite search engine should also bring you back to the correct location. Please let me know of any problems in the comments.

Update on a summer league to follow soon once dates/venues confirmed.

5 thoughts on “New website address –

  1. Karen

    I tried and got a security warning, which said the problem was probably at the website. Search on google returned the old website address. Anyone else got this situatiion?

    1. nymbo Post author

      I’ll check this out – the old site address will work for a while yet I think, but I might need to tweak the security for the new address. Thanks!


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