Grantley Results

The results from today’s hot event at Grantley can be found here

Hope everyone enjoyed their ride and has recovered, full report to follow.

2 thoughts on “Grantley Results

  1. Mike Barnard

    Thanks for organising yesterday’s event. Lots of very interesting tracks in that area. Unfortunately the cable to my rear mech parted just after the first control. A small piece of wood was soon found to jam in the mech to keep the chain on the middle sprocket so at least I didn’t need to abandon. With three chain rings I still had three gears although sometimes I was forced to use much higher gears than I would have chosen otherwise. Trying to push a high gear on a very rutted track caused me to crash into a barbed wire fence. Luckily my face covering worked very well to stop the bleeding, so again I could continue. I went to the pub next door for a cool drink after the event and a nice young lady came to see if I needed any medical assistance, like the kiss of life, so my injuries work out well.
    As for the daft mistakes I made, I can only blame the blistering heat and being distracted by the beautiful views.

    1. Neil Reed

      Sounds like you had an eventful event !! Glad your enjoyed it and were able to enjoy the views
      Thanks for coming.
      Neil Reed


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