Cleveland Hills Results and Report

Control #14

Thanks to Conrad and Jill for organising a great course – here’s their report:

Great to see everyone at Kildale for the final event of the Spring/Summer NYMBO league..  Luckily, the rain held off until after the event but the wind was brutal at times and a number of competitors took a battering over Percy Rigg on the return leg.

Thank you for your kind comments and for embracing MapRun.  A big thanks to Tim for preparing the map and holding our hands with MapRun.  Thanks also to Kildale Village Hall and the landlords/agents covering Kildale, Gisborough and Baysdale Estates.

I did a clear up trial a couple of weeks ago and was not reckoning on Ian N almost clearing up (Well Done).  Well done to all category winners.  A final thanks to all riders who did the Little Kildale/Baysdale loop, having to encounter a ford – the bridge was there last week !

Hope to see you all at the winter series and more MapRunning without having to remember telegraph pole numbers or remove freezing hands from gloves to scribble down phone box numbers.

Jill and Conrad

Results are here: Kildale results

Control map is here: Kildale A

Roseberry Topping near #13

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