Harrogate Control map & Provisional results

Hopefully everyone had a great ride today, and at least the rain held off until everyone was back. The draft results from today’s event are here .

Tim has a note of penalties, and is making the adjustments but if you spot any controls missing from your score or any oether issues please get in touch!

The control map is below, Tim’s race report and finalised results to follow shortly.

11 Dec 2021 Control Map



4 thoughts on “Harrogate Control map & Provisional results

  1. terribletim23

    The scores have now been adjusted for penalties. I will get the updated results and a report done later, if you spot any errors please advise and we will get them adjusted.

    1. Colin Johnson

      Hi Tim
      Thanks for organising, we all (the Ilkley massive 🙂 ) had a great time out there, and for a change all managed to stay upright!
      I can see one control point (26) we all rode through but only one of us picked up.

      thanks colin

      1. terribletim23

        Hi Colin, just looked at your tracks and clearly you went to it, please can you try the HITMO function, on the map view it is in the top right hand corner if you press the 3 lines and set the tolerance to 60 it should flag up this control just tick it and you score should correct, if it doesn’t I can manually add but this way looks neater. Glad you all enjoyed it. Cheers Tim

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