Thornton Watlass Final results

Here are the finalised results, as some of you spotted we had swapped 4 and 9 round but then sent an old map to the printers so we have awarded points based on the map scores, this means if you visit 9 on the map , maprun showed you as visiting 4 so we have added 5 points to your score , if you visited 4 map run shows you listed 9 so we have removed 5 points.

I have made it clear in the right hand column what I have done, if you think this is wrong please let me know and I will adjust again. I have also updated for controls that didn’t pick up ( Control 2 for 2 people ) .

Results summary: 20220122-results_final

MapRun link with Splits here

Two admin items for riders:

1. You will note most results are in yellow, these are the ones on the maprun server , those not in yellow have told Steve their result but not uploaded their track or result to the server.

If you go to maprun look at your result and in the top right hand corner click on the lines and then select manual upload, this should add your result and I can then adjust for 4 and 9 if you visited them.

2. The other item is if you think you went to a control and it isn’t green on the map on your phone using the HITMO option on the top Right hand button allows you to widen the search , it is far better if you do this rather than the admin as it preserves your score . Your score then shows you have done this and the admin can remove this note and the other results if it has come through.

Any questions ask Tim and the next event, although he isn’t up to speed on using a Garmin watch.

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