Wheldrake – Results & Map

**updated 25/02/22 – mistake on the women’s category corrected – apologies!**

Here are the categorised results for Wheldrake and a copy of the control map

20220212-Wheldrake Final Final results

Congratulations to the category winners who can all pick up a NYMBO T-Shirt at the next event:

  • Men:  Nuno Cerqueira with 491
  • Vet Men: Paul Dobson with 409
  • Women: Jo Anderson & Jemima Parker with 279
  • Pair: Sally Buckworth & Saul Muldoon with 363

Here’s the control map, with a small update to note the permissive paths.

4 thoughts on “Wheldrake – Results & Map

  1. Karen

    I thought that womens pairs went in the womens class rather than the pairs class?
    Even if my stock of t-shirts is getting low….


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