Cullingworth Results **updated**

Thanks to everyone who entered the Cullingworth event, we made a donation of £172 to the Central Plains Refuge Fund in support of the victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Thanks to every rider who made the journey to Cullingworth today to enjoy Tony’s course with it’s fiendish terrain and tricky route choices. Apologies for a couple of misnumbered controls – they’ve been adjusted as attached.

If you happened to inadvertently pick up Tony’s gloves (grey, Rohan fleecy) from the results table he would be grateful for their return!!

Please get in touch if you spot anything in the results that needs clarification!!

Congratulations to all the categories – please colleact a t-shirt from Tim at the next event.

Here are the results for Cullingworth: 20220312-Cullingworth revised **updated Sunday 13th 18:25**

The Maprun link with split times can be found here

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