NYMBO League 2022 – Dates & Details

2022 banner

8 events in 2022 — entry fees still really low, with 20% discount for early entry this year!

Key things to know about our events this year:

  • MapRun – all events will use MapRun this year. It was very successful for us at the 5 winter events and saves th extra work putting our controls the day before and collecting them after the events.
  • Start Times – all events, apart from the White Rose in August are currently planned to have starts between 0930-1030. However, we’d like your feedback on whether we should have some different options, you can vote in the poll here. We may make some adjustments to start times – but the first event at Paradise Farm will not change.
  • 2022 Entry Fees – we’ve kept entry fees as low as we can, and we’re offering a discount this year too. Fuel is probably the biggest cost for everyone travelling to events, and with the current price increases hopefully this helps people a little bit.
  • Online Entry – you’ll be able to enter online until midnight on Thursday, as we did last year. However, you’ll get a 20% discount if you enter by Wednesday night. This enables us to keep online entry open until Thursday but an incentive to enter earlier. This is a bit of test – we’ll see how it works and, if we need to, make any changes.
  • Entry on the Day – this could be available this season for riders who’ve been unable to enter before the online entry deadline. However, it will depend on how many spare maps there are and riders will need to be the last to depart when the pre-registered riders have all set-off. Please enter in advance if you are able to and guarantee a map!


NYMBO League Date Venue Type Planner
1 30-Apr Paradise Farm & Hambleton Hills 3 hr MBO John Dixon
2 28-May Coxwold & Howardian Hills 3 hr MBO Andy Parson
3 18-Jun Galphay Moors & Nidderdale 3 hr MBO David Day
4 16-Jul Chop Gate & Cleveland Hills 3 hr MBO Conrad & Jill Ellison
5 27-Aug Malham 4 hr MBO Simon Coiley
6 29-Aug Ampleforth & White Horse Bank 3 hr MBO Jeff Harris
7 10-Sep Bainbridge & Wensleydale 5 hr MBO Steve Willis
8 1-Oct Austwick 3 hr MBO Steve and Andrea Foster

We’re still finalising the event centres, but all the details are on the first version of the flier which will be updated when information changes. NYMBO League 2022 v2

If you’ve not been getting our emails – usually about 1 per month please save the NYMBO email addresses to your contact list – sometimes they might drop into your spam folder. Please save nymbo.events@gmail.com and events@nymbo.org to your address book.

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