Coxwold control map, report and finalised results

Here are  the draft results that will be sent to BMBO for incorporation into the BMBO league and used for the NYMBO League, please can you check yours are correct by the 10th June.

I thoroughly enjoyed my shorter ride round the lanes and really enjoyed not having to finish by going up white horse bank , thanks to Andy for an interesting course and obtaining permission to use the Rievaulx sporting estate tracks in Bradley Howl, Tanker Dale and Nettledale I made sure my route took me into them , sadly I also missed an easy 30 descending White Horse bank.

I hope you are all getting used to Maprun from a planners perspective it really does make life easier, this time we had the tolerance set at 25m which seemed to cause a couple of issues , so we may revert to 30m next time it depends where David places his controls. We also tried online tracking and this kept Andy amused whilst you were out and we will use again next time as it alerts is if you haven’t moved for 5 minutes , a useful but not failsafe safety feature as it doesn’t work with watches or poor mobile reception.

On the admin front please can you check your name on maprun is spelt correctly and you have your names the correct way round, I have to transfer the scores into the correct format for the BMBO league and if you all did this it would make my life much easier. We also spotted a few riders had gone down a footpath , in hindsight we  should have made this Out of Bounds as it was the continuation of a BOAT,  can I  remind you that footpaths marked on the map are always out of bounds as it can make future events harder to get permissions for if we get complaints.

Our next event is on June 18th on the moors above Masham planned by David Day – I look forward to seeing many of your there.

Coxwold Results draft v2

28 May 2022 Course map


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