Fearby report, map and final results

*updated* Finalised results can be found here 20220618-fearby_final

Thanks to David Day for planning last saturday’s event, his report is below along with the control map.

Provisional results are here – please report any issues no later than Friday 24th please – 20220618-fearby_prov

There were 45 riders on a glorious day with fantastic views across North Yorkshire [the Black swan pub garden famously claims to have the longest view from any English beer garden – Ferrybridge power station is visible. We were last at Fearby in 2009 & I used a similar area this year.

I tried to have the pre-start far enough away from the actual start so that riders’ time did not start until they were closer to the start triangle. This mostly worked but there were a handful of devices that triggered at the pre-start so next time it needs to be even further from the start.

Most riders used phones [just 4 watches] with a few problems of phones going to sleep or losing signal. 3 tracks are missing from MapRun results, we are trying to get riders to upload these. Several riders had trouble locating #12; I am happy that the map is correct & the location on Google Earth is correct but accept that there is a multitude of tracks in the area & should have chosen a more identifiable spot for the control which was a henge [earthwork]/BW. Competitors who had difficulty in finding the control were all too far N but we have allowed any who visited Nutwith Common the 15 points. It is possible to widen the MapRun search area for this [or any] control by altering the tolerance: 3 horizontal lines in top RH corner of phone screen give options to widen the search.

There was a farm access road W of #16 which was not mapped & caused confusion, the next map will show this road.

MapRun penalties only work up to 5 mins late, so have been manually adjusted for those that exceeded this, giving nett scores of:   1st = David Lawrance M40 375 points, 2nd Nuno Cerqueira M21 361, 3rd Paul Dobson M60 325, all these riders went W then anticlockwise missing out the NW corner. M50 was won by Mark Rowley 324; M70 Steve Willis 304.

1st Lady = Sheila Pearce W50 280 points, 2nd Angela Brand-Barker W60 255; 1st Mixed Andrea & Steve Foster 244; Gen = Mark & Tom Simpson 150.

18 June 2022 – Control map

4 thoughts on “Fearby report, map and final results

  1. Steve Willis

    Thanks for another excellent course David. Stunning countryside, excellent bridleways and an occasional hill !!

  2. Steve Wood

    Despite losing a lot of time with an unsealable puncture, I realy enjoyed my ride, I went North as I wasn’t familiar with that part of the map, there is some stunning countryside in North Yorkshire.
    We have had maps before based on the 25000 series, they give much more detail, is there a problem using this scale for all events?

    1. nymbo Post author

      Hi Steve – I planned the Wheldrake event earlier in the year and I used 1:25k scale, but regretted it afterwards as it gave too much detail and made navigation more tricky than it should have been! It’s a tricky one, and I think one we each planner has to consider given the terrain. Not sure there’s an easy answer – others may have a view! Dave

      1. Steve Wood

        I can see how it would get a bit busy with the 25000, I guess it’s years of foot O that I prefer more detail, another thing I miss is map corrections, at Boltby I confused myself at the west side of Boltby Plantation, I was expecting to see the edge of the wood as per the map, when it is wooded much further west than shown, I don’t know how often OS update but that bit of wood needs it.

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