7 thoughts on “Malham provisional results

  1. Karen Blackburn

    Will I get control no 8 credited, please? My track shows I was definitely there on my way from 21 to 25. Excellent event. The planning tempted me to go further SE using tracks I have not ridden before, and made going west less of an option. As we need to use more or less the same area each year, finding a new route is great. Thanks.

  2. terribletim23

    Hi Karen and Michael, both these are on the list of missing points Simon told me about ( they are actually the only missing ones) I will try and get them added tonight as well as sorting out the penalties , Cheers Tim

  3. Phil Upton

    Hi Tim/Simon, great to be back competing, especially at Malham, fab use of the SE corner. My phone died on the way back so Maprun and strava dont show me passing the finish. My Maprun does tell me I got 24 controls, 420 points, but result DNF, is there anything I can do to retrieve ? or do I just have to live with it and make sure phone lasts ? concerned about the next event with it being 5 hrs….any help greatfully appreciated cheers

  4. Richard Murray

    Hi, just reviewed the results to discover I’m not listed.
    Looked at MapRun and equally not showing up in the event results table, however headline data on the app confirms my return after 3:15…..
    Not sure what’s needed; please message – can (try to) send screen shots etc of MapRun screens.
    I am attending Askrigg so can confirm data there and then.
    Cheers 👍


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