Malham Show – Race Report & Control Map

Malham Show Trophy Winner 2022

Hopefully you all enjoyed your rides around the Malham moors in such gorgeous conditions, thank you for all the positive comments even from those who lost all their points!

I’ve never seen the tracks so fast and dry, even though recent showers had somehow resurrected the bog near 26 at Gorbeck – sorry for any wet feet!
This year I attempted to further reduce the competition area but still leave route decisions as to how to ‘clear’ the more concentrated controls.
I also wanted to include the odd new track which at this event is easier said than done!

We were intrigued to see if anyone would be able to ‘clear up’ but didn’t expect them to have 16 minutes to spare once they had!
A massive well done to Tom Gibbs!!
Big congratulations also go to all the category winners.

Despite the gathering ominous clouds the weather held and hopefully some of you also managed a look around the show too.

Thank you to Chris Wildman of Town End Farm for his help as always with the show venue. Also a massive thank you to Tim Evans for his patience and help with the map! Plus on the day with registration, start and finish. Thanks also to Dave Robertson for the website wizardry.
Lastly, a big thanks to all of you competitors.

Hopefully see some of you soon if I’m not so late to the next event that you’ve all gone!

29 August 2022 – Malham Show

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