Askrigg – race report & provisional results plus Control map

Provisional results here – please get in touch if you have any controls missing or you’re not on the leaderboard.

Thanks to Steve Willis for planning a challenging Wensleydale course, it’s an incredible area to ride.

I hope everyone enjoyed their rides as I thoroughly enjoyed my planning rides. It’s a pity the weather wasn’t better as the tracks would have been easier to ride and the Ford at Helm wouldn’t have been so daunting.

Hopefully there was enough route choice for everyone and not too many riders following similar routes.Thanks to the National Park for looking after the area and Swaledale MRT who would have been there if we’d needed them.

Thanks also to the farmers at Bella or Knight Close, Colby Hall, Litherskew and Old Cams for allowing us to ride on their private tracks. Congratulations on Tom Gibbs for clearing up with 48 seconds to spare after 82k of tough riding. Provisional routes will be posted later but please let me know if there are any errors or omissions.

Thanks to Tim for an excellent map, Dave and John for their help and Yorkshire Dales Brewery for an excellent event centre.Hopefully you’ll be able to ride at our final league event at Austwick on Saturday 1st October.

Cheers, Steve Willis


6 thoughts on “Askrigg – race report & provisional results plus Control map

  1. Ray Morriss

    Not had the 35 points for controls 23 and 8 added, the phone went to sleep for a while, cheers.
    Many thanks to all for a great event.

    1. Mieszko Lichtarowicz

      My phone missed out 26 and 15. Not sure why it missed 26 as it shows I went right through it on the map but it went to sleep just before 15

  2. Karen Blackburn

    So disappointed to miss this, but at least in a few months I should be able to see the map and where I am going! Any chance of you posting a map with controls for the map obsessives, please?

  3. Tim Evans

    Mieszko and Ray your extra controls should now be on , let me know if wrong as I want to get the results off to TBB.

    Karen blank map should be up shortly

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