MapRun survey – lots of positive comments and constructive feedback

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our recent survey on your MapRun experience.  88.7% of you felt that the MapRun experience was ‘great’ or ‘good’ – that’s really encouraging and all of the feedback will help us improve for those who didn’t have that experience.

There were mainly positive responses to Installing MapRun (85.4%) and downloading the course (90.8%) – and so our main focus from the feedback is the use of MapRun during the event.

MapRun Events issues (nb – omits “other” responses for clarity”

Although 52% had no issues, two areas stand out that we can do something about.

Firstly – MapRun going to sleep – we have found that the settings on Android phones can be changed to prevent this from happening, so we’ll update our instructions to help with that

Secondly – not hearing the checkpoint – we’ll improve our instructions on how to change the MapRun settings for this. We will also look at some simple ways to enable people to test their phone so you’re less reliant on the being out on the course and finding it’s not working.

results issues

Results, and particularly the application of penalties is something for us to look at, although incorporating that into MapRun itself would be part of our feedback to the MapRun developers. We’ve got a range of suggestions for MapRun which we will collate.

There was some really helpful feedback on the use of Garmin Watches – particularly from those riders who don’t have a smartphone and use a tablet at home to upload the results. This is something we’ll make clearer as an option. There’s still a bit more work to do to sort out the other feedback and agree some actions, so there will be an update on that when it’s done.

Don’t forget – next event is on November 19th – online entry here


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