East Rounton Event Report & Control map

Roots Orienteering Event 19th November 2022

It was good to see so many, about 45, turn out for the first of the winter events. Riders had come from far and wide which bodes well for the winter series.

MapRun results here

Final consolidated results table here: Roots results final

The weather had faired up slightly towards the weekend but some of the bridleways were still rather challenging. However, there was sufficient firmer surfaces and tarmac to give everyone a good choice of routes. The controls were distributed so that everyone could obtain a sizeable score and top riders had to go the extra mile (km?) to make the difference. The results show how close the spread was.

This was our second visit to Roots and they were good hosts. Rain set in towards the end of the
event and the café was well supported by many of the riders.

There was a hiccup with parking which might need considering for future events. Despite knowing how many riders were expected this didn’t translate into how much parking space was needed. We need to be more proactive in managing parking and, perhaps in light of the economic situation, even consider promoting car sharing somehow.
One minor technical map run item. At the BMBO AGM there were complaints that you could just ride with maprun and not do any fine navigation . The more astute of you noticed that control 20 wasn’t exactly at the road junction but on the bridleway junction on the other side of the road slightly south, the control descriptions also made this clear. If the app doesn’t register always check the map and the control description . Nuno might also suggest you turn off other notifications after his early turn round at Gilling .

Congratulations to the category winners

Martin Edwards was overall lead with a score of 475

Well done to everyone, see you in December?


East Rounton 19 November 2022

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