Galphay Event Report & results **updated**

Control 29

Blue skies at Control 29

Galphay Report

Now updated with control map

Almost 50 riders descended on the gloriously sunny but cold village of Galphay for NYMBO’s latest MapRun event although those that ventured into the SE corner found Ripon shrouded in fog. The frozen ground improved what would otherwise have been muddy BWs. The intricacies of MapRun are obviously being mastered by NYMBO riders – all of them are showing in the results although there will have to be some manual adjustments where riders are more than 5 minutes late. Nearly all tracks are visible on MapRun to enable riders to compare their routes, if yours is missing please try to upload onto MapRun [try saving your track as a GPX file & uploading this onto MapRun].

The maximum distance covered was 51km & there was a great variation of route choice; all controls were visited. 8 riders managed more than 8 points per kilometre ridden but top of this list was Jemima Parker with 8.97 pts/km.

Winners at Galphay were:

  • M: Martin Edwards = 396
  • MVet60: Paul Dobson = 310
  • W: Claire Riley = 276
  • MIX: Sally Buckworth & Saul Muldoon = 256
  • GEN & Youth: Miesko Lichtarowicz & James Harrison with Isaac Pressley = 265

Our thanks to The Galphay Inn & host Chris for hosting & feeding us after the event, we did fill the pub! Also thanks to Tom Simpson for recovering a Garmin bike computer mistakenly left on a wall by another rider. Due to the BMBO payment system not being operational a lot of work prior to the event was done by Tim Evans & Dave Robertson, and on the day Tim did a great job on registration – thank you both for making my planner’s work much easier.

If you did not pay on the day or carry out a bank transfer please do this ASAP.

David Day Planner


The unadjusted MapRun results for Saturday can be found here where you can follow the tracks fo other riders.

The consolidated final results adjusted for penalties and showing the category winners are here – Galphay Results – please check back to make sure your results are correct and get in touch with any issues. The control map will be available too

Next event is on February 25th at Hampsthwaite
details will be sent out in mid February

control map

21 January 2023 Control map

4 thoughts on “Galphay Event Report & results **updated**

  1. Mary Carrick

    Glad to see the likes of Steve Willis, John Dixon, Karen Blackburn still appearing in the results, as well relative newcomer, Danny Chan. Also aware that David Day was absent for this one but did appear at the night-o at Bishop Wood, near Selby, to win the Medium course. I regretfully retired – the course was pretty long but technical with few attack points and lots of running through quite dense trees and/or bramble. I now have a garmin watch and smartphone, so ‘watch out’, Mary might appear at a bike-o in the near future.


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