Dacre – Saturday 22nd April – Course map and online entry details

Our next event is on Saturday 22nd April – based at Dacre.

Registration: 0900 – 1015 | Starts: 0930 – 1030 | 3 hour time limit

Event Centre: Dacre and Hartwith Playing Fields association Dacre Banks HG3 4EB

It is just east of the B6451 between Dacre and Summerbridge, just by the river , all routes to the finish should be downhill! Parking will be on site and looks to be a good course with a nice mix of moorland tracks , farm tracks, bridleways and minor roads , oh and some hills!! The course map is below – some more soft ground may be added later but the extents won’t change neither will the start and finish.

2023 entry fees: we have decided to run the all 2023 events at the same prices as winter events – for BMBO members that’s £5 for adults and £2 for youth entries! That should be good for everyone – please encourage new riders to have a go at our low cost events! There will be a surcharge for entry after the closing deadline or on the day.


This event is available for entry via BMBO BUT NOT FOR PAYMENT yet!

  • Enter the event using the BMBO link here
  • The entry fees are set to £0. Please proceed to complete you entry, it will not take you to the payment processing site (hopefully this will be available for the next event)
  • Please make your payment via bank transfer (Name: NYMBO |Sortcode: 20-37-13 | Account number: 20031348)
  • Entry fees – Adults £5; Youth £2 (no distinction between full and day BMBO members)
  • Note – the manual NYMBO form used for the winter events is not being used for this event.

2023 Event Flier2023-Flierv1

2023 Google Calendar Link for all events

11 thoughts on “Dacre – Saturday 22nd April – Course map and online entry details

    1. nymbo Post author

      Hi Karen – my understanding is that MapRun6 will still work for the timebeing, so it’s not essential but you can upgrade if you want to try it. I’ve got both versions running ok on my phone. Dave

      1. Karen B

        Thanks. I wasn’t sure if we needed to use whatever version the planner had used to set the course.

  1. terribletim23

    Yes I have set this and the next one up for Maprun 6 the change will be obvious as the names will become simpler as the code will no longer be in the name, Dave and I will be testing MapRun 7 out on the next few events along with a few others, my concern is that Maprun 6 won’t score correctly on a map run 7 event but I will be looking at the forum between Paradise and Ingleby

  2. simon horlock

    Hi, This wil be my first event using Maprun…i’ve installed the app gone to ‘select event’ then to ‘uk’ then to ‘west yorkshire’ but then the options are, calder vallley, Kirklees or wakefield…none of which have Dacre in….

    1. terribletim23

      Hi Simon , we are in North Yorkshire if you go on that folder you will see a NYMBO folder and Dacre is in the Summer 2023 sub folder , any problems I think there is signal at the start so we can sort you out there. ( this isn’t always the case) Cheers. Tim

      1. simon horlock

        ok…thanks Tim..i think its inevitable that i will be asking questions on the day!!!!…oh here’s one…do we still get paper maps as well??? and so need the old handlebar map holder??

      2. nymbo Post author

        Hi Simon – you still get a printed colour map, and control descriptions, so you’ll need your mapboard. You just don’t need a dibber any more as that’s all controlled on MapRun. Providing your phone is loud enough you can put it away and not look at it throughout the event. Dave

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