NYMBO Annual Summary

Congratulations to the 2011 Champions

Fountains Abbey Start

M21 Rob Harrison

W21 Louise Granger

M40 Andy Conn

W40 Sheila Pearce

M50 John Rawden

W50 Ceri Williams

X50 Steve & Andrea Foster

M60 John Dixon

W60 Karen Blackburn

Youth Sam Wilson   Gen Tim and Edwin Oliver-Evans

We held 9 league events this year with an average of 107 riders which is slightly down on last year but still made a small profit.

Thanks to the planners for all their hard work – Andy Parsons, Dave Evans, Ralph Defty, Steve Roberts, ChrisWildman, Dave Lloyd, Frank Appleton and David Day.

Thanks also to all of the helpers who made these events run so smoothly that I could get out for my ride – especially Dave & Sue Relton who have retired after taking the entries and running the SI system for the last 8 years and want to ride next year.

Dave Robertson has done a brilliant job in writing the new NYMBO web page which he will continue to develop over the next few months. The page is also linked to Facebook and Twitter so I hope you find these useful.

The 4 winter events are advertised on the web pages and start at Thornton Watlass on November 12th.

Next year, we will be organising 9 events between March and October with your best 5 scores to count. I am also planning the Polaris in the Yorkshire Dales in September which may be added to the league. There will also be 4 summer evening events, the 100km Moors Marathon and a NEMBOS league of at least 5 events so plenty of riding.

It is brilliant that we have already got planners for all of these events except for 2 of the summer evening events so if you want to volunteer please let me know soon.

As some of you prefer the longer events and some of you the shorter ones I am thinking of having 2 leagues next year called Long and Short!! The Long courses will be 3,4 or 5 hours and the Short course will always be 2 hours. There will also be 20k and 10k suggested routes for non-competitive riders.

Another suggestion is to have a team competition with a maximum of 12 riders but only 6 to count in any category. The teams would be based on cycling clubs or geographical areas.

Finally, we still need more publicity. The new web page will definitely help and the BMBO site is excellent but it is also up to you. Please print off the League and Event fliers and take them to your local bike shops and riding clubs.

Full results and details of all our MBO events are on the 3 web pages




Hope to see you at one of our events in the near future

Steve Willis

1 thought on “NYMBO Annual Summary

  1. simon horlock

    hi steve.

    I think its a very good idea having long and short options at all events.

    I’m always tempted more by the longer events, mainly because its often a long drive to the event and i want a nice long ride once i get there. But also because i just like being on my bike for as long as possible!
    On the other hand 4hrs may be off putting for people who are new to the whole thing and want to take things easy or just to get the hang of it all.

    so yeah i think your suggestion could work for everyone


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