Gilling MTBO

It was great to see 45 riders having a go at Andrew Windrum’s second attempt at planning courses in Gilling Woods. Everyone was relieved that he got it right this time so that the winning times reflected the Medium course distances. Congratulations to all of the category winners – particularly Killian Lomas (A course), Graham Fielding (B) and Nathan Parker (C). It was great to see Dave & Sue Relton on the other side of the SI desk and out on their bikes. However, it was disappointing to see a few riders lose their time through mispunching. Unfortunately, in this discipline of MBO, you have to get all of the controls to qualify and there are always extra controls to confuse you in the forest. It was great of Ebor to allow us to use the woods after their important orienteering fixture – but it also meant that there were over 60 extra controls in the forest!!
Thanks to Dennis Hooton for drawing up the courses and having them printed on waterproof paper. Thanks also to the volunteers who helped by collecting in most of the controls. Unfortunately I then locked two of them in the forest when I left so they had an anxious 20 minute wait until I got back and let them out!!
Our MBO Score league starts on March10th with a 3 hour event at Helmsley in Ryedale – and our next MTBO event will be at Pickering Forest on May 12th – in the morning before the Score event.
Final apologies to riders who paid too much online. Please claim your refund for BOF membership or your own SI card at the next event. I have amended the online entry form this evening.
PS I still prefer riding in Score events and from an organisers point of view they are far simpler and safer as you know that everyone will plan a route to match their ability and will take no more than 30 minutes longer than the time limit.

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