Bishop Wilton Results

Here are the results. Please let me know if there are any mistakes

Bishop Wilton Results

Thanks to Will Wilson for another excellent course and the Fleece for providing an excellent event centre. Thanks also to all 32 riders who braved the cold conditions and came back safely. It was definitely a day for tentative riding with feet out of cleats ready to maintain balance. I only fell twice which was below average and rode a third less than I managed last month at Hambleton. Congratulations to Will Patterson on his excellent route choice which meant that he won overall.
It’s a beautiful area but the second time that the weather hasn’t allowed everyone to enjoy the scenery so hopefully there will be a lot more riders and better conditions for our first league event of 2013 which starts at Pocklington.
The next Winter MBO event is at Beckwithshaw on January 26th.
Hope to see you there.

3 thoughts on “Bishop Wilton Results

  1. Tim Evans

    I really enjoyed today until about 30 minutes to go. With some very careful riding going faster up hill than down hill and using the grass verge where I needed to passing between 21 and 16 who had fallen off twice I was heading for a reasonable score when I probably got a little bit over confident and on the relatively flat section from 18 to 28 came across sheet ice whilst going a bit too fast and ended up sliding down the road separate from my bike for a good few yards, and like the rider I had passed earlier it is amazing how much confidence you loose. Then on to point 28 with 20 minutes to go and on the way back felt the tell tale feeling of a deflating tyre. Stopped and thankfully checked the tyre to find 2 thorns sticking through which took some removal so 6 minutes later and with 6 minutes to go off I went picking up 14,10 and 3 on the way back, 14 probably cost me more than 15 points to collect and it felt odd going very slowly down the hill from 3 to the finish when I was so late but I wasn’t falling off again.

    A brilliant course really liked some of the clues the little chain on number 21 probably the best and the dry valley up from 12 to 27 in the low sun was just something else. Was less impressed with the lack of gritting and the sheet ice by number 16 both on the road and the access to read the sign made me glad I didn’t meet a car.

    glad every one got back in one piece if a little brusied and thanks to Will , Steve and Jens for the organising, hopefully next month won’t be so icy

    My route can be seen here


  2. 1daverobertson

    I enjoyed it too, albeit doing a short rider due to a wedding in the afternoon. I didn’t get to ride quite as fast as I would have liked due to the ice, and had one spectacular fall at the Millington junction on the way up to Great Givenden. Luckily no cars, and some guys in a van did stop to make sure I was ok. My main route planning error, given my self imposed time constaint, was to come back down the road from Great Givenden which turned out to be closed due to due ice so I had to walk down a steep icy stretch of road. My short route is here:

  3. Will Patterson

    Not letting deep snow or ice ever stop me cycling to work has obviously paid off as I never came off once or felt particular uneasy on the ice. Worst bit was the track from 22 to 13 that was full of icy puddles and gave me cold wet feet and a very mud splattered face and clothes for the ready of the ride.
    Picked up all the obvious controls going south into Pocklington then stopped at 29 to check how long I had left and consider the options.
    After a very icy section of road leading to 16, in Millington I looked at heading back NW but it looked like two climbs to get all the controls that way (9, 17, 24, 7 & 1) so went for 12. Then struggled up the muddy roman road to 25 and luckily hit tarmac at Millington Heights to continue to 20. The A166 was getting to be a big effort but hoped the fast looking descent from 3 would by now be ice free as I was running out of time. It was – but I had to stop to put my gloves back on as I felt that I wouldn’t be able to put or keep my brakes on! Two minutes late back and was pleased with my ride but amazed that I had won – never ever won an MBO event before. The winnings were immediately spent on a crumble and ice cream to celebrate!
    Thanks once again to the organisers for all their hard work before and at the event. Also to the helpful and friendly staff at the Fleece for allowing us to use their facilities.


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