Beckwithshaw postponed to Saturday 2nd February


Current weather conditions have led us to decide that this Saturday’s event at Beckwithshaw should be postponed a week to Saturday 2nd February. Hopefully the weather will have warmed a few degrees and conditions will be more suitable – hope to see you there!

Beckwithshaw 26th Jan

Tim, Adrian and mates proving that conditions were ok!!!

1 thought on “Beckwithshaw postponed to Saturday 2nd February

  1. stevewillis3

    So glad we postponed the event last weekend as I doubt many people could have reached Beckwithshaw and the snow was so deep that we wouldn’t have been able to ride far in 2 hours either. We spent all morning sledging and building snowmen on the golf course in glorious sunshine instead.
    Forecast for the rest of the week is wet and windy on Thursday, cool and showery on Friday but cold, sunny and windy on Saturday. Not a scenic as last Saturday but much better for cycling.
    There are 30 pre-entries for Saturday so please enter online by Wednesday evening if you want to guarantee a map. There are 10 spare maps for entry on the day. Hope to see you there


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