Beckwithshaw Results

Beckwithshaw Results

Thanks to Tim for an excellent course, the Smiths Arms for the perfect event centre and Yorkshire for having such beautiful countryside. I’m so glad we postponed the event last week and managed to re-arrange it for today.


Beckwithshaw (photo courtesy Al Powell)

If you entered online and couldn’t make it please let me know (if you haven’t done so already) and I will credit your entry for the next event. Martin & Max won overall 53 points ahead of John Rawden (M50/60 winner) in second place. Chris Dodd used local knowledge to win M21/40 with 362 points, Karen Blackburn was first lady again with 290 points.

The winners routes will be posted on the NYMBO site and the next event is in a fortnight at the Malt Shovel, Hovingham on Saturday 16th February. Hope to see you there.

7 thoughts on “Beckwithshaw Results

  1. Chris Dodd


    Thanks for organising this event – it was a great morning to be out on the bike. I tackled the map in a clockwise direction to leave myself with a long downhill finish: Start-7-22-27-12-17-29-9-4-14-19-5-10-24-30-25-26-8-11-21-16-Finish. I was hoping to go …8-13-18-3-11… but ran out of time!



  2. Tim Evans

    I enjoyed planning my first event. First of all apologies for the two errors. I understand point 2 was confusing looking for Meters and there was more than one sign. And for the two of you who went to 28 I had the bench on the wrong side of the river. However, it was great to see you all arrive back with smiles on your faces, even those who fell off on the ice and finding all of the clues.

    I was aiming to plan the controls between Christmas and New Year and you might remember that it was a little wet. So New Years Eve with Steve and Jens gentle suggesting that they needed the maps, off I went into what was supposed to be an improving weather forecast. I got soaked and then it hailed but at 2 o’clock it changed, the clouds went and the sun came up. The ground was still very wet but after stopping on the descent to what was to become number 28 to tighten my brakes I had a pleasant ride. Both my Strava tracks are now public and are here if you want to see them and I decided to remove Fewston from the route as the track up to Norwood which is normally rideable was really boggy and looking at the routes you all took it would have been too far. I actually think the area used could have been reduced a bit so that a few more 400 points were scored.

    I used Viewranger to plan the route and Flickr. My Viewranger track is and whilst it won’t have OS maps unless you have bought them it made matching photos with points much easier with the geotag from the phone camera and probably saved a lot of writing in cold wet conditions.

    As Steve mentions changing the date was the correct decision. Here you see the planner and 2 of today’s participants out locally last Saturday.

  3. Tim Evans

    Just also like to thank Steve for the help and advice, Jens for another superb map, the Smiths Arms for being so accommodating, and all the 36 riders for turning up.

  4. Martin

    Great event yesterday so Thanks to Tim for planning and Steve for making it all possible behind the scenes. A wise decision with the week delay of the event and the better day of the weekend with very strong winds and grey/damp conditions this morning for the Reliability road ride that started just near to North Rigton.

    Young Max goes from strength to strength and will soon be showing me no mercy, especially on the flatter sections.

    We did very similar to Chris from the start and collected the same controls as Chris in the same sequence up to and including 14. We then doubled back up the hill to the top to get 24, dropped down to 10 and 5 before a toss up between 30 and 20. We went for 30 down a very “interesting/challenging” track and bailed on a plan to go back for 20. We therefore went straight on and dropped down Leathley bank for 15, up (yet again) for 25 and continued up for 26.

    Around this time I was gauging how many more times I could ask Max to go uphill. We therefore went along to 8 and declined the descent of Norwood Hill to 23 and 28 on the basis that there would be a big climb back up whichever way we went. After 8 we therefore climbed the short climb to the top and picked up 13, 18, 3, 11, 21, 16 and 2. In all we covered 25 miles with 2400ft of climbing and finished with an appetite for some lunch at the pub.

  5. johnrawden

    Great event to break my new bike in ,thanks Tim and Steve . Same start as Chris ,Martin and Max to control 4 , then went 24-10-5-30-25-15 then big mistake went for 23,left 30 mins to get back. Big climb to 26,through forest to 21 then 11-16-2 and home 3 mins late.

  6. Karen

    After last week, who would have expected such super weather for Beckwithshaw!
    It seemed sensible to collect the easier controls in the East first, and then see how much time was left before deciding a route home. So it was off to 7 – 22 – 27 – 12 – 17 – 29 – 9 and 4 (super views). Still over an hour to play, but I decided 14 and 19 would take too long, and 30 didn’t appeal to my inner wimp, so it was up to 24, and west to 25 before the climb to 26 and through the forest to 21. A quick diversion to number 11, although the warning came a bit late, then east through 16. Ten minutes to spare (perhaps I should have risked dog-legging 30 from the west), so went to collect 2. I couldn’t read the answer to the question, but my explanation that I didn’t have reading glasses got me the points!
    There were some interesting questions and answers! I liked the planning because it was possible to ride an interesting circuit on easier roads and tracks, while riders after big scores had to do a lot more climbing in and out of the Washburn Valley.
    The Smith’s Arms provided a warm welcome and a good lunch.
    Thanks to Tim, Steve and Jens. See you at Hovingham!

  7. stevewillis3

    Just back from the Alps so thanks to the winners for letting us know their trade secrets and route planning. Hopefully, we can all learn and ride better at Hovingham.


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