1 thought on “Results and splits now posted for MTBO at Wheldrake and Bishopswood

  1. stevewillis3

    Planner’s Report
    The weather gods were unanimous in their decision to provide perfect riding conditions for the national sprint MBO championships held at Wheldrake and Bishopwood on sunday. The preceding two weeks of dry weather meant that both forests provided fast flowing trails and some great results so well done to all the winners in each of the categories.

    Finding venues for sprint events is challenging as it requires forests with a dense network of trails. Furthermore, it is difficult to justify travelling long distances for a race that might finish in under half an hour which is why I chose to organise 2 events including a chasing start which proved very popular. The turn out was good but still far lower than it ought to be and I think it would be good to experiment with organising sprint or middle distance events on the same day and as a prelude to the MBO score events to encourage new people to participate.

    My thanks to everyone that helped including Steve, Catherine, Gill, Mandy and Steph. In particular, to both Emily Benham and Dennis Hooton for doing the maps.
    Andrew Windrum


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