Sutton Bank Comments & Map

Thanks to Andy & Corinne Parsons for another excellent course on the Hambleton Hills which Andrew Windrum couldn’t quite manage to clear. Must have been saving himself for putting out controls tomorrow. 120 riders enjoyed dry but windy conditions.. Thankfully, the weather had improved over the last fortnight so the tracks were much easier to ride than in February – and definitely better than this time last year when they were covered in 2 feet of snow!
Thanks as ever to Jens for another excellent map and the helpers who made everything run smoothly as well as Sutton Bank Visitor Centre for an excellent event centre. It’s just a pity that the cafe closed so promptly even though I had told them about the event a month ago. Congratulations to the category winners especially Andrew Windrum (M40) who won overall with 506 points, Ben Martin (M21) 448, Tim Evans (M40) 438, Roger de Faye (M60) 427, Andrea & Steve Foster (X50) 394, James Martin (M18) 370, Sheila Pearce (W40) 364, Alan & Ben Botham (Gen) 235. You can follow their splits and check out the map on the NYMBO web site.
I thoroughly enjoyed my ride as ever despite the headwind heading back to Sutton Bank. I was also chuffed to see my grandson competing with his Dad in the Generation class. The future of NYMBO is in safe hands!!

2014 Sutton Bank 30000 Working Drawing with Controls 2nd March

I will work out and post the Handicap results tomorrow. There will be free entry at the next event for the 5 leading riders.

The next NYMBO event is a 4 hour MBO Score event at Barningham & Arkengarthdale on Saturday 12th April. Hope to see you there.

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  1. stevewillis3 Post author

    Planner’s Comments

    Planners comments – White Horse and Wass aka Sutton Bank 2014

    It was great to see so many people turn out to the event and to get such positive comments from riders on the finish line. The dry weather over the week or so before the event dried up the tracks, making the riding much faster than when I was out checking control sites in January and February. The only notable muddy section was I think the bridleway down to and then north from 55 into South Woods. The National Park had recently delivered a load of gravel to the north end of this new bridleway and I had hoped they would improve the bridleway before the event. I’d calculated the overall distance for getting all the controls as around 70km and had thought there might be one or two riders that could clear the course. Andrew Windrum got very close, only missing the 10 pointer down from Scotch Corner. Thanks to Jens for putting up with my minor changes and tweaks to the map over about two months. After my initial planning we got permission to use the tracks through 57 and 36 and the route down Bradley Howl to 39. I think adding these greatly improved route choice. Please note that we only had permission to use these tracks on the day and that they are not public rights of way.

    Andy Parsons


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