Ravenscar Coastal Half Marathon

Every year we like to support the hard work of the Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team. One of their fundraising events is a half marathon – here’s some information from Tony Heap if you want to take part. Links to fliers included at the end.

Just to let you and your fellow bikers know that this years Ravenscar Coastal Half Marathon organised by the Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team is Sunday 11th May 2014, in the past we have had a number of runners from the wider umbrella of clubs entering the event on a sporadic bases which has been a great support, so I have attached the entry form and poster, everything same as last year (still £10 pre entry), you may be interested to know the local Mountain Rescue team Organises this event as a fundraisers so it’s a relaxed low key affair, but it might be of interest to your bikers as something different. It certainly not a fell race but as the height gain and loss over the 13.1miles is 1100 it’s a nice undulating run mainly on coastal footpaths, so some of your bikers may fancy a different challenge that will work some different muscles and all the £10 goes straight to the Mountain Rescue Team.

It was our busiest callout year last year, that has 2 impacts on the Team, firstly we spend more money and 2nd we lost a lot of fundraising events actually doing callouts, so this fixture really help the team, so it would be really great if you could pass on to your runners or anyone you know who may be interested, we are good at search and rescue and quite a few mountain bikers, but complete novices at advertising so any help appreciated in spreading the word on the event which is in its 4th year but lacking in numbers (100 to 130 of last few years), so even just putting up the poster at one of your events would be a great help.

Thank you



Poster – RCHM 2014

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