Barningham map for Saturday 12th now available

Here’s the map without controls for next weekend for you to peruse. At least it should be here, lets hope it’s worked properly unlike last month.

2014 Barningham 50000 Working Drawing without Controls 23rd February

5 thoughts on “Barningham map for Saturday 12th now available

  1. stevewillis3

    Back from the Alps and we have got 72 (online & email) entries for Saturday. I have extended online entries at until midnight tonight (Wednesday) in case you still want to enter. Alternatively you can send an email or just enter on the day as we can print extra maps if necessary. It’s a great forecast for the next few days so the tracks should dry out again nicely. It’s a brilliant area and I’m looking forward to putting out the controls (with help from 3 mates) on Friday. Hope to see you there.

  2. Ian

    As a newbie to MBO – not done any before – I’m interested but can’t find start time details for the Swaledale event tomorrow. I’ve got a suitable bike and can find my way round an orienteering course. If I turn up at the right time will anyone be able to lend me a map board for the handlebars? If not I’ll treat it like a day out and rely on the map in pocket and commit to memory method.

      1. Ian

        Hi Jim
        The wind was a bit harsh and made time management difficult, but the ground had dried out fairly well and it was a good day out. I’ll be back with a map board and a better understanding of speed on grass versus speed on tarmac. Thanks to the organisers.

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