Grewelthorpe Comments

Nidderdale Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to David Day for yet another excellent course which used the intricate lane and bridleway network south and east of Grewlthorpe and the cracking moorland bridleways to the west. It was only 2C when I left home which brought back memories of our last visit to Grewelthorpe so I was glad when the sun broke through the fog to give a perfect calm autumn day – although the mist seemed to linger longer around North Stainley.

Thanks to Grewelthorpe Village Hall for an excellent event centre including refreshments and thanks to Jens for yet another excellent map.

Thanks to the helpers I was able to enjoy my ride after I got over my annoyance caused by #60 having been stolen. At least it was in an obvious place and replaced quickly by David with a punch but if you went there and haven’t got the points please let me know. A few riders decided to use the road between 60 and 59 but I preferred to head back through Ilton and over the moors before the superb ride across Fountains Earth Moor to Swetton.

Congratulations to Graham Fielding and Al Powell – joint leaders in M40 with 464 points – with John Houlihan only 2 points behind in M50. Ray Morriss won M60 comfortably as did Rik Thompson in M21. Jill Ellison was the highest scoring woman and Nathan Parker won Y18.

John Dixon sorted out the results very quickly so that the prizegiving took place promptly at 3.30. Prizes had been kindly donated by the Yorkshire Dales Brewing Company and Richardsons with engraving by Keith James Jewellery of Richmond.

Extra prizes and t-shirts came from the surplus money in the NYMBO account.

Congratulations to the category winners

M21 Rik Thompson W21 Jenny Sutton X21 Kelly & Dave Wilby

M40 Andrew Windrum W40 Sheila Pearce X40 Ruth Greenwood & Graham Murray

M50 Graham Fielding W50 Charlotte Somers-Cocks X50 Andrea & Steve Foster

M60 Ray Morris W60 Karen Blackburn X60 Karen Clark & Steve Roberts

Final thanks to the control collectors everything was in before it started to rain at 5.00.

The 2015 league will start again in March with a mixture of 3 and 4 hour events. Please let me know if you would like to offer to plan one.

Our winter events start on Saturday 15th November in the Howardian Hills – details on the web site.

Hope to see you there.


Late PS Someone left a pair of cycling shoes at the village hall. I have got them at home so please let me know if they are yours.

5 thoughts on “Grewelthorpe Comments

  1. Mark Rowley

    Fantastic event on such a lovely day, totally enjoyed my ride and thanks to all who put this event on. Could you include #60 as results show my points missing thanks

    1. stevewillis3 Post author

      Hi Mark. Sorry about that.I have added 30 points to your score and the update will appear on the NYMBO and BMBO league tables shortly. Unfortunately, I can’t adjust the online SportIdent results.

  2. Steve Wood

    A big thanks to Steve & all organiser planners & helpers for another good summer of events, I didn’t make them all this year, but I enjoyed all the ones I did attend, good organisation planning & map producing all round, well done.

  3. Phil Upton

    What a pleasure its been riding the 2014 series.
    A big thank you to the individual organisers and a special thank you to Steve & Jens for the maps….for putting on events that have all been well organised, in beautiful areas. With 2hrs + Traveling time back home to Nottingham the journey has been filled with happy memories… Looking forward to the 2015 series, keep the high standard up

  4. stevewillis3 Post author

    Glad you all enjoyed your rides. The planners and I live in a great county and enjoy putting these events on for you. Hope to see you all again next season (and at the winter events).


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