Grewelthorpe Map

Here is the map so you can check riders routes if you couldn’t make it.

2014 Nidderdale 50000 Working Drawing with Controls 2nd October

Full report tomorrow but 4 quick points

What a great day to finish the season – cool but dry in sunny and stunning countryside looking down on the fog banks beyond Ripon

We were disappointed that #60 was stolen so please let me know if you went there and didn’t let us know at Download so that I can give you the points.

Someone left a pair of cycling shoes. Please let me know if they are yours

2 riders didn’t download so I have emailed them. Reminder to everyone that if you start you must download so that we know you are back safely – and don’t just rely on seeing an empty car park!!

If you check my route on Strava you may notice that I forgot to turn if off at Grewelthorpe so I have got some remarkable times on my drive home to Richmond. I’ll check my bike computer in the morning!


1 thought on “Grewelthorpe Map

  1. Tim Evans

    steve , some cracking KOMs from your car obviously upset somone as they have flagged your ride, if you click on the spanner by the ride you can crop your ride back to finish where it should .

    Brilliant event again and those of us who went to North Stainley ended up in the fog.


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