Blank map for Lofthouse now available

The blank map without controls for Saturday’s 4 hour event at Lofthouse is now available – worth checking out the tracks and the callout box for the bit that goes off the map!

VENUE GR 102 734 Lofthouse Memorial Hall, Thrope Lane HG3 5RZ

FACILITIES Parking next to the cricket field (100736) 300m NW of the hall

REGISTER 10.30 – 11.45 STARTS 11.00 – 12.00


You can enter online here (by Wednesday night please)

18 April 2015 Nidderdale Blank Map

18 April 2015 Nidderdale Blank Map

2 thoughts on “Blank map for Lofthouse now available

  1. stevewillis3

    We have got 70 riders and online entries have now closed. Jens will print 90 maps so, if you still want to enter, you can take a chance and enter on the day or send your details to by 4pm on Friday.
    We are short of control collectors after this event so please let me know if you want to volunteer and I will refund your entry fee.


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