Nidderdale Map and Comments

Thanks to Peter Swanborough for planning an excellent course and all of the helpers who made it possible especially Matthew Streets. Congratulations to Andrew Windrum and Sheila Pearce for their winning scores

Here is the map so you can follow the routes from the split times in the results

2015 Nidderdale 40000 Working Drawing with Controls 22nd March 2015

Nidderdale Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Peter Swanborough for a brilliant event at his first attempt. It was the perfect length with Andrew Windrum nearly clearing up (but not quite), plenty of route choice for everyone, superb views on excellent but tough bridleways and all in a Yorkshire heatwave! He had also been very successful in negotiating the use of the private Yorkshire Water tracks and very thorough in visiting many of the farmers and landowners on route as well as preparing and placing various signs to avoid any problems.

Thanks also to Matthew Streets who helped Peter before during and after the event, Jens for another excellent map, Frank & Sandra Appleton, Karen Blackburn & Adrian Baskerville for helping on the day and Graham Townsend, Mike Connor, Ray Morriss, Andrew Windrum & James Turner who collected controls so that I was back in Richmond by 7.00.

Congratulations to Andrew Windrum winning M40 and overall with 498 points; Mark Rowley M50-440; Ben Martin M21-418; Andrea & Steve Foster X50-382; Sheila Pearce W40-380; Ray Morriss M60-380; James Martin Y18-330; Dave & Gabe Collins Gen-312

I enjoyed my ride until my bottom bracket jammed at #35. I was looking forward to more brilliant views on Fountains Earth Moor before descending into the valley to ride around Gowthwaite Reservoir. However, at least I didn’t need to pedal to get back to the finish.

Our next event is at Gargrave on Saturday 16th May. Don’t forget that you can enter the Non-Comp class for only £6 if you want a shorter ride. There is also a Sprint MTBO event at Fewston Reservoir at 9am the same day if you need a warm-up before a 5 hour event!!

I have planned the OMM Bike & Lite events at Bamford in the Peak District next weekend (25th/26th April) and Jens has drawn the map. It’s a 2 day event with 7,5&3 hour options on Saturday and 5,4&3 hour courses on Sunday. There are still a few spare maps and you can ride only one day if you prefer. Entries have closed but you can reserve a map by emailing me and full details are available at

Hope to see you at Bamford or Gargrave.


Photo gallery from the event:

3 thoughts on “Nidderdale Map and Comments

  1. phil upton

    Hi Steve, Cracking event today made even better by the weather and fast dry tracks. Special mention to the route planner whose choice of control location and marking out the course with drizzle tape was spot on (seasoned organiser).
    When I initially saw the map area I thought that there was going to be limited route choice and most competitors would follow a similar route. How wrong could I be ! Schoolboy error by me to miss the controls shown in the inset box on the map, A big thankyou to all the helpers who assisted in making the event run so smoothly.
    Looking forward to Polaris, see you next week..

  2. Peter Swanborough

    Thanks to Steve, Phil and Ray for your comments. I was very pleased with the variation of routes that were ridden on the day, and the good weather allowed everyone to experience the area at its best. I have enjoyed the whole planning process throughout the winter months and would recommend it to anyone. .


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