1 thought on “Ingleton Weekend

  1. Alex P

    Thanks Ben – a good course over my favourite trails! It was interesting this, when I first had sight of the controls I suspected it may just be clearable – which is good I think, also the geography and positions of the controls meant route planning was quite easy, helped probably for me as I live nearby in Horton and know the area really well. So what this means is that you have to go for everything from the outset and this changes the dynamics considerably. Afterwards I noticed Andy C dropped the two controls near Wharfe, I reckoned these were worth getting at this early stage, with options of then dumping the far NW two or the far SW two. As it happened time went well for me, the weather was poor but the ground was still firm and quite fast to roll over, albeit a bit slippy in places. It was only when I hit the rough stuff on the track going along into Kingsdale, I started doubt my plan, I knew this bit was bad and this time it seemed worse still, it was quicker to shoulder the bike and run this bit (or as we talked about after, to go down to the road and climb back up???). A slight headwind slowed things down in Kingsdale, so with only 50 min to go here, I decided the SW 5 pointer would get dropped. Time was still tight for those up Chapel-leDale and once up there I made the big gamble to get the Ribblehead 25 pointer – it worked, just. I was late back by 9 min (-15pts), slightly hampered by a CRO kafuffle at the bottom of Whernside and again coming into Ingleton – I decided over-taking the slow ambulance was not appropriate, despite my rush.


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