Ingleton Comments and Map

Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Ben Martin for an excellent course in a cracking area. Thanks as ever to Jens for another excellent map, Frank Appleton, Karen Blackburn, John Dixon and Dave Lloyd for helping on the day and Ray, Mick, David, Mark, Maggie, Carl and Alex who collected the controls in after they had finished. At least they got the best of the weather and it was a glorious drive back home through the Dales.

Congratulations to Alex Pilkington winning M40 (and overall) again with an impressive ride visiting almost all of the controls for 505 points; Graham Tibbot M21-460; Graham Fielding M50-426: Mark & Maggie McPhillips X40-420; Helen Jackson W21-408; Ray Morriss M60-385; Sue Booth W40-340; JuliePhelan W50-340; Carolyn & Phil Sykes X50-315; Ben & Stephen Collins Gen-300; Karen Blackburn W60-260. You can follow their routes using the splits file in the results page and course map here. 2015 Ingleton 50000 Working Drawing with Controls 2nd June

It was great to see 8 juniors riding although the course was designed for 5 hours with few options for a shorter route so I hope they enjoyed themselves.

I enjoyed putting out 7 controls around Ribblehead on Friday afternoon when the 3 Peaks were still visible. Ribblehead

I also enjoyed my ride on Saturday despite the dull weather and limited views!! I rode the Pennine Bridleway a few years ago with one of my daughters so it brought back great memories as I rode above Dentdale. I was very weary when I got to 41 so decided to miss 31 and 46. I also couldn’t raise any enthusiasm to push my bike up the fell to 56 so rode up the road to the bridleway junction at 48. Having heard the comments about the state of that track it was a good decision. It will be marked as soft next year and I doubt any planner will be using it again unless it’s upgraded.

We are back in the forest for our next event at Dalby on Saturday 25th July. We are parking at High Rigg so don’t forget to print off the flier so that you get a reduced fee of £4 on the forest toll (and please share cars if possible).

Hope to see you there or at another NYMBO event soon.


PS The Midlands MBO group are organising the National Championships at Shugborough Park in Cannock Chase next weekend with a 5 hour event on Saturday 27th and a 3 hour event on Sunday 28th. Full details on

Planner’s Comments

When I was planning the course I was looking to appeal to all abilities and particularly with a 5 hour time limit I was able to include something for everyone, although I’m not entirely sure the bridleway between Kingsdale and Barbondale was for anyone, apologies that it wasn’t marked as difficult. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t as good as last year, but that’s the British summer for you. Hopefully those who had any incidents slipping on the wet limestone will recover quickly and we’ll see you back on the bike soon. Despite the weather, I hope folk enjoyed the event and enjoyed the challenge of this area of the Yorkshire Dales.

4 thoughts on “Ingleton Comments and Map

  1. Steve Wood

    A day of bad decisions.

    The wife said are you sure you want to be out 5hrs the forecast doesn’t look good, I said its not too bad and I’ll be fine once I get going (bad decision) I set off with a jacket on as it was raining, by the time I got to Clapham I was wetter under the Jacket than on top. (bad decision) setting of to Clapham was a bad decision, looking at David Days route that was a much better choice, but on a better day the route from 53 Clapham Bottoms up to 38 at Cam End is a nice ride.
    The two worst decision’s of the day was to miss out 57,42 & 47 and then go for 31,46 &56 I was tiring now and the bridleway from 46 to 56 didn’t help I decided to go down to the road from 56 (bad decision) although the bridleway was rough I lost a lot of height & the track down was slippy & wet I past Frank Appleton who was been cautious as he had been over the bars once. as I was opening the gate I heard a shout & a moan so I went back to find Frank laid out at the side of the track, he had banged his and knee fortunately his helmet did its job and just a red mark was present on his forehead, he assured me he was OK so I carried on.
    I have never been so happy to get to the top of a climb as I was at the top of Kingsdale, the legs had gone so the downhill was really appreciated
    Despite all my bad decisions I did enjoy it the highlights being riding the cobbled streets of Dent & that terrific downhill from Kingsdale Head.
    Thanks to all the organisers & planner.

    PS I now know of a bridleway to avoid,

    1. stevewillis3 Post author

      Interesting to read some riders comments instead of just mine.
      Here’s a couple of comments about future events.
      Sorry but no accommodation available at the Dalby Forest event as Stoneclose Campsite is now fully booked for the weekend. Don’t forget to print the flier so that you get reduced entry to the forest toll of £4 and share cars if possible.
      The weekend event in Swaledale will be using a Jens Strain amended OS map as usual but the runners on the OMM Lite will be using a Harveys map.

  2. GrahamT

    Having never ridden in the area I spent a good amount of time studying the map beforehand and had rightly or wrongly made up my mind that clockwise was the way for me to go, as the main climbs of the day were going to be on road. Seeing a large map area I’d thought the central area might be off limits after last months event or just reachable from Ribblehead direction if I had time in the middle of the ride, but not knowing the condition of the bridleway over to Clapham and getting lost in Ingleton at the start meant that when it came to it I was reluctant to commit. I quite enjoyed the sadistic bridleway over to Dent, only because I pitied anyone thinking of riding it the opposite way and I’m sure it was mightily entertaining for the couple who saw me go OTB twice on the final run down to 56. Please keep it in next time!

    I saw a few riders struggling on the bridleway over Newby Head so elected to take the longer but downhill on-road route which I think saved some time. I particularly enjoyed the blast down to the tunnel at Clapham which I wasn’t ready for and had to pull on the anchors before my eyes slowly adjusted to the pitch darkness.

    Many thanks to planners and organisers: my favourite event so far, I’ll definitely be back to ride here on a good visibility day.

  3. jamesannan

    Enjoyed the day as always, shame about the weather. The map was actually a bit awkward for us, we thought Dentdale would be a bit too far so settled for the obvious loop round Ingleborough, which was always going to be a bit on the short side. We got up to Newby Head but with hindsight it might have been better to drop some of the smaller checkpoints (eg Austwick/Wharfe) and get to Cowgill as Gary Allsop did.


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