Another perfect day in North Yorkshire

Thanks to Conrad and Jill for planning anoyher excellent course from the newly reopened café at Lordstones. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed my ride once I found my way out of the parking fields by making sure that I didn’t have to climb the steep slope more than once. The tracks were firm except for the bridleway between 48 and 54, the scenery was stunning and the weather was perfect. Here is the map so that you can follow the routes.

2015 Cleveland Hills 30000 Working Drawing with Controls 22nd August
The course looked pretty big but Andrew Windrum still managed to visit most of the controls; Phil Upton travelled from the Midlands to win M50 with 400 points, only 45 points behind Andrew. Ray Morriss got it right this month to win M60 with 327. Graham Tibbot was recovering from a tough event in Cannock so couldn’t repeat his score from last week but still managed to win M21, 10 points ahead of Ben Martin. Sue Booth was the highest scoring woman with 343 followed by Angela Brand Barker W50-328 and Karen Clark W60-273. Steve & Andrea confirmed their status as first mixed pair.
Thanks to Jens for another excellent map, Frank & Sandra Appleton and John Dixon for helping on the day and Dave Lloyd, Andrew Windrum, Ray Morriss, John Rawden, David & Zoe Cowgill and Richard & James Martin who collected all of the controls in by 6pm.
I need to start thinking about the winter events. Tim Evans has offered to plan one between Harrogate & Boroughbridge so if you have any suggestions or offers please let me know.
The same applies to next year. We have had too many events recently so I won’t make the same mistake again but please let me know where and when you prefer to ride – especially if you want to plan an event!!
Hopefully, many of you will be able to ride at the final event of the season in Boltby & Silton on October 17th. Dave Lloyd has planned an excellent course and High Paradise will be an excellent event centre with the league presentations taking place at 4.30.
Let’s hope we get another dry, sunny day.
PS Roger de Faye needs another 30 points adding to his score, Neil Croasdell needs an extra 15 points and Darren Neylon needs another 55 points. Please let me know if there are any other mistakes

4 thoughts on “Another perfect day in North Yorkshire

  1. phil upton

    Misty all the way up from Nottingham, but cleared when I arrived at the event centre, a beautiful autumnal day, stunning views and some great trails made the drive more than worth while. a big thank you to all concerned, only sorry I couldn’t help to collect some controls in, due to the long drive home… enjoyed all event areas this year (especially Nidderdale and today), except possibly pickering forest though not a fan of forests. Personally a slightly earlier start time at events would be ideal, but everyones different. Thanks to Jens for a great map

  2. Jill and Conrad Ellison

    Planners’ Comments
    Jill and I enjoyed planning the Lordstones event, allowing us to ride slightly off home turf. A big thank you to Lordstones and all of the landowners and to Steve and Jens for offering constant support and advice as the map and routes were being developed and to all the control collectors. Well done to everyone. Conrad

  3. Andrew Windrum

    Great event. One of the hardest to decide on route choice for a while. Thanks so much for organising, esp to gill for the long day on Saturday putting out the controls.


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