NYMBO League 2017

I need to start to put together a series of events for next year so please let me know if you would like to plan one on any of the following dates. I’m also very happy for anyone to suggest  any other areas or dates
Date                         Venue                                     Planner
March 18th            Cropton Forest ?                 ?
April 22nd             Yorkshire Wolds ?              ?
May 6th                  Howardian Hills                 Michael Brough
June 10th                Ribblesdale                         Alex Pilkington
July 15th                 Cleveland Hills ?                Jill & Conrad Ellison
August 26th          Malham                                ?
August 28th          White Rose, Helmsley     ?
September 9th     OMM Bike Wensleydale  Steve Willis
Saturday 10th       OMM Bike Wensleydale  Steve Willis
October 21st          Nidderdale ?                       ?
I will  be asking the planners to act as the day organisers as well which happens in most other areas.   I have now taken over as Captain of Richmond Golf Club  but I’m happy to co-ordinate the league again. It’s just that golf will have to take priority over mountain biking at weekends so I’m not sure how many events I will be able to attend. I will still look after the equipment and sort out the helpers beforehand and results, accounts and reports afterwards.  Dave Robertson is happy to continue to keep the web page up to date and John Dixon will sort out the results.

Cheers, Steve

11 thoughts on “NYMBO League 2017

  1. Phil Upton

    Hi Steve,

    Hope you are well and enjoying “winter rules” ? will the OMM definately be on 9th, 10th september next year ? currently my event is scheduled for this date and I want to avoid a clash

  2. stevewillis3 Post author

    Hi Phil
    Enjoying my golf but not the weather!! OMM Bike is definitely September 9/10th as it’s my granddaughter’s birthday the following weekend and I had to miss it this year. Her parents want to run in the OMM Lite as well. Event centre booked in Wensleydale and I’m going to check a few bridleways tomorrow which could be a mudfest!! I hope you can alter the date of your event so that you can ride

      1. stevewillis3 Post author

        Hi again. I didn’t realise that you had already posted your event in the calendar. Sorry. I should have registered the OMM Bike dates earlier. We have got the event centre booked and outline permission from the National Park so I would be very grateful if you could move your event.

  3. stevewillis3 Post author

    Michael Brough has asked if he can plan the Helmsley event in August (as his house is on the map) instead of the Howardian Hills event in May so there’s a different vacancy

  4. Jeff Harris

    Hi Steve, I don’t mind planning the Howardian Hills event as that is the area closest to where I live, unless you someone else desperate to plan in this area?

  5. stevewillis3 Post author

    I still need planners for 3 events so please let me know if you want to volunteer. If I haven’t heard by December 10th (Newton on Ouse event) they will be removed from the fixture list.
    April 22nd Yorkshire Wolds
    August 26th Malham
    October 21st Nidderdale/Wharfedale

    1. Neil Reed

      Hi Steve, I’m happy to plan the Nidderdale event (or joint plan ?) assuming you don’t have any one else keen to do this one.
      Neil Reed


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