Blank Map for Beckwithshaw now available

Blank Map for Beckwithshaw now available – come mountain biking next Saturday!

Our third winter event is at Beckwithshaw next Saturday 21st January, planned by Tim Evans
Registration at The Smiths Arms 0915 -1015, starts from 0930-1030
Enter online by Wednesday 18th January – save £1!

Otherwise, please use the email form here to let me know you’re coming and reserve a map.

Blank Map for Beckwithshaw | 21st January 2017 | Updated

3 thoughts on “Blank Map for Beckwithshaw now available

  1. Tim Evans

    Hopefully I have set an interesting event planned for you on the 21st. The map is changed slightly from the event 4 years ago and uses a bit more of the southwest of Harrogate taking out some of the hills to the west, which should make it a little flatter. But nowhere near as flat as Newton-on-Ouse. Hopefully the weather will be kind as the views when I have been out finding and checking controls have been superb. The controls are mainly on local minor roads with a few shortcuts possible on the bridleways and you will have to go off road to get some of the controls. Hope to see lots of you there

  2. stevewillis3

    We have got 44 entries which close on Wednesday so please enter online before midnight so that Jens prints enough maps. There will be spares for entries on the day but please email if you want to reserve one. I’m back from the Alps on Friday afternoon so looking forward to some plus temperatures on Saturday morning!

  3. stevewillis3

    It’s looking as if it’s going to be cool but dry tomorrow.
    We have got 70 entries which is amazing! Jens has printed 80 maps so there will be 10 spares for entries on the day.


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